Nakio, bionic dog with prosthetic paws

Puppy Nakio was abandoned in the basement as a Nebraska family fled a foreclosure during winter. When found, the malnourished dog’s paws had frozen in a puddle, and the mother died.

He survived frostbite, but lost his four paws, which healed into round stumps. Veterinary assistant Christie Pace fell in love and adopted him. Soon she fretted that Nakio could not walk on his stumps, and only scoot on his belly across the floor.

Wishing him a better life, Christie had Orthopets outfit him with two prosthetic paws for the hind legs. Now able to run energetically, Nakio’s great spirit motivated Orthopets owner Martin Kaufmann to donate prosthetics for the front legs as well.

Martin Kaufmann explained, "When we saw how good he was going with his back leg prosthetics and how he was struggling to use his front legs it was very simple to say, 'We got to keep with him.'"

Nicknamed "bionic dog," the first dog with four prosthetic paws, he now runs, jumps, and plays as though a healthy dog.