SF dogs poisoned with meatballs

dachshund oskar poisoned

Repeating an attack last year, over 100 meatballs laced with strychnine, rat poison, have been placed in the Twin Peaks neighborhood, in spots hidden from humans but common to dogs. Under stairwells, along curbs, hedges and bushes, where dogs sniff, so placed the lethal meatballs complicate the dog owners' chances of intervening in time.

In summer of 2014, Oskar, a dachshund, died one week after eating the poisoned meatballs. Since then, the dog owner Dorothy Schechter has a new companion, who just rediscovered this year's meatballs during a walk in the same neighborhood of Twin Peaks. Shocked, Mrs. Schechter nevertheless maintains a positive attitude. "You can't let it get you down. You can't become embittered by it, because then you're of no use to anyone else at all." Less forgiving reactions are all over Yelp.

The SF Police Department is one the case, but without any leads or finger prints. Many San Franciscans are organizing to identify the attacker, with Yelp CEO having donated $23,000 for the purpose. The director of the city's animal control department believes that the motive is animosity to a particular dog, given that the attack is localizd and repeated.

Dog walkers should remain alert, and be ready to rush a dog to the veterianarian, suggested police detective Denise BonGiovanni.

For more, read the articles in TIME and SF Gate. A similar attack in Boulder, CO was just found.

Update May 9, 2014: More poisoned meatballs in Sunset District have appeared, along with a candle!