Cows trampling dog walkers to death

menacing cows

Often dog walkers mistake a quiet, open, green field with far away cows as an idylic opportunity. After all, the scenery is beautiful and serene, and cows are the gentle animals that help feed babies, right?

Yet walking a dog in a field with cows can be life threatening!

Apparently, cows can view dogs as a threat and, with herd mentality, chase after them. Cows can run surprisingly fast, so a dog walker who is out of shape, or far from the fence, or clings to the dog, becomes a probable target! These 1,700 lb. beasts are even riskier if there are calves, as they become extra protective of their young.

The latest victim, last week, was a 66 year-old dog walker trampled to death on his chest. Lest you laugh it off as a freak accident, know that death by cow trampling occurs more often than you think.

Dog walkers: Beware! Dogs are a magnet to cow herds - just Google "trampled by cows" to find articles, and chances are, a dog will figure.

Dog walkers can avoid cow trampling by heeding these tips:

  • Avoid fields with a herd of cows; otherwise,
  • Stay close to the fence
  • Stay far from the herd
  • If chased, let go of dog and run away from it
  • If chased, run downhill, if possible
  • Make yourself big and noisy, if necessary

Update June 6, 2013: Deer trampling of dog walkers is also a possibility!

Update June 7, 2013: Cow victim sues farmer for being trampled and paralyzed, after walking on his property. She wins an award pf nearly $400,000!